Hey! I’m Shannon.

Your friendly, neighborhood, software engineer, email developer & cheeseburger enthusiast.


Food or Foe

A react based game to correctly guess if an emoji is or is not a food.

React, Ruby on Rails (API), Redux

Oh Hex!

Randomly generates and displays a new hex color on each click.

Javascript, HTML, CSS

Central Perk

A Ruby on Rails, point-of-service application for a coffee shop.

Ruby on Rails, oAuth


A vanilla Javascript countdown to the spookiest day of the year.

CSS Animations, Javascript, Netlify

Focused Breathing

A CSS Animation to help with focused breathing exercises.

CSS Animations, CSS Grid, @keyframes

Bubble Wrap

Release some stress by clicking or touching to pop never-ending virtual bubbles!

React, HTML, CSS, Netlify

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